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Christopher Glick is a senior in electrical engineering. He taught English full-time in Japanese universities, public and private, for many years. In addition to his studies, he enjoys interactive photography (panorama and object movies) and simple programming. He also likes reading and peripatetic bicycling. His writings have appeared in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and online.


Employers, Present and Past


Indiana University–Purdue University - Indianapolis

AEP Transmission

Ivy Tech Community College / アイヴー・テック州立短大

Club Z! Tutoring and 

Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Rikkyo University / 立教大学, College of Tourism (観光学部) then College of Intercultural Communication (異文化コミュニケーション学部)

Tokushima Chamber of Commerce / 徳島商工会議所

Tokushima University  / 徳島大学, College of Integrated Arts and Sciences, 総合科学部

Hokkaido University / 北海道大学, Institute of Language and Culture Studies

Indiana University, Center for English Language Training

Contractual work with ETS (TOEIC item writing), Sanseido (proofreading), and other firms (all English-related)

Indiana Army National Guard

Plenty of part-time jobs as a student and even a few short-term full-time ones


Queries, Proofreading, and Panoramic Photography

Please send me a courteous email. 日本語もOKです!

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Christopher Glick


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