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I have always enjoyed optical illusions, including the work of Escher. One high point of my extracurricular life in college was catching a 3D film festival. Three old B&W 3D films were shown, but the zenith was The Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D. The fish swimming about in the underwater scenes were astounding! I was hooked and began picking up 3D stuff when I came across it. Years later and armed with a decent camera, I can now make it myself with the usual quality of most things DIY.


To take such pictures, all you need are two shots of the same scene, each taken from a different eye, or 5–7 centimeters apart. Amateurs, myself included, simply slide the camera from one eye to the other; the serious use a slide bar. I have one but haven't gotten around to using it. Load your two pictures into some software like RedGreen that overlays and colors the two images, select the focus spot, and output your anaglyph.


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Christopher Glick Red-blue color anaglyph 3D image of an odd sculpture in Tokushima's Bunka no Mori

Sculpture in Bunka-no-

Mori, Tokushima

Red-blue BW anaglyph 3D image of Joroku-ji Temple, Tokushima

Joroku-ji Temple,


Red-blue color anaglyph 3D image of a tree in Central Park, Tokushima

Tree in Tokushima

Central Park

Red-blue BW anaglyph 3D image of branches on a path on Mt. Bizan, Tokushima

Branch on Mt. Bizan,


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