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For shooting 3D as simply as possible, Loreo's 3D Lens in a Cap is hard to beat, especially for $73 (USD). You do need special viewers, but they're not all that expensive. The lens itself cuts your effective horizontal field of view in half (you get two pictures in one) and tends to saturate colors, but it's fun to play with. In 2009, I also acquired a Loreo Macro Lens in a Cap, but it's hard to use without a tripod unless the light is strong.


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Christopher Glick

Small bouquet

IUPUI's Student Union


Loreo 3D shot of flowers in a Fuchu City park

Flowers in 郷土の森

Loreo 3D macro shot of a flower with an ant

Flower with an ant

Loreo 3D image of woman in front of Tokyo election billboard

Elections coming to


Loreo 3D image of traditional thatched roof Japanese house

Old building in Mogusa


Loreo 3D image of flowering shrubs

Inside Mogusa Park

Loreo 3D image of a man sketching plum blossoms

Plum trees in a Tokyo U. 


Loreo 3D image of crowds outside Tachikawa Station

In front of Tachikawa


Loreo 3D image of plum trees on the campus of Hitsotsubashi University

Plum trees, Hitotsubashi


Paper kit frog (bad focus)

as an Object VR movie

Loreo 3D image of people snacking beneath an arbor

Snacking in 郷土の森

Loreo 3D picture of vines reaching out

Vines reach out

Loreo 3D picture of a flower before a pond

Flower before a pond

Loreo 3D picture of a tunnel of greenery

Floral tunnel

Loreo Mac 3D picture of people near a bubble machine

Summer Party in my


Loreo Macro 3D photo of a male stag beetle

Kuwagata (stage beetle) in

a cup

Loreo Macro 3D photo of a male stag beetle

Blurry, not furry

Rock and eddies, Aki


Akigawa, downriver

Akigawa, upriver

Bell, 広徳寺

Koutokuji (広徳寺)

Japanese Graves

A Leafy Path

On the Monon Trail

An Old Gate Post

Don't Look Down from the


A Hanging Limb

A Cubic Sculpture

68th Street and Cubic


Canal through Broad


Artwork from Signed

Plastic Plates

Loreo 3D Photos

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