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Japan was my home from 1994 to 2010. I lived and worked in Hokkaido 北海道, Shikoku 四国, and Tokyo 東京. Some people prefer urban hells and the homogeneity of their international diversity; I prefer provincial areas where time passes slowly, rents are lower, and undiluted cultures and traditions linger. Some of these pictures were shot with a cruddy old 1MB Fuji digital camera.


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Christopher Glick Image of a narrow pathway in Kurashiki

A narrow path between

old wooden buildings to

a coffee shop in


Image of temple grounds and a large paper lantern in Tokyo

Temple grounds

somewhere in Tokyo.

Image of the big bell at Kanzanji Temple

At Kanzanji Temple, in

the mountains west of


Image of the samurai era canal in Kurashiki

Along the old samurai era

canal in Kurashiki.

Naruto Elementary

School pupils in their

nifty uniforms.

The moat for Kokura

Castle. A favorite photo.

Image of colorful festival decorations at Ohkunitame Shrine

Festival at Ohkunitame

Shrine in Fuchuu.

A wonderful orange

pagoda inside a

Tokushima shrine's


Foggy view of Mt.

Tsurugi, with a battered


Image of a long row of torii

In Tokyo, a long row of 


Image of a defished night view of Kobe

Defished Kobe City night

view from Rokko Island,

14th floor

Hooky bosozoku bikes at

a riverside car show,


Cat in Tokushima shrine

of great antiquity, name


Rice drying near Mt.

Daisen, Tottori Prefecture.

A rare heavy snowfall in

Tokushima, as seen from

my balcony.

The main gate to Yakuo

Temple, with pilgrims

and visitors.

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