Macro Photography

In 2007, I acquired a macro lens, a Canon EF-S 60mm ƒ2.8, that sat in its box for a couple of months. I had too many other things to do and learn, but eventually my wife began using it. Now we both use it fairly frequently, to the point where it has become the default lens on my Canon 350D Digital Rebel XT (or, in Japan, Kiss N). The shallow depth of field makes the lens a bit frustrating to work with, but the detail it can bring out is impressive!


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Christopher Glick Image of some pink flower

Some pink flower

Image of winter daphne, 'jinchouge'

Winter daphne / 沈丁花

Image of cherry blossom

Cherry blossom / 桜

Image of a red poppy with yellow stamens

Poppy / 芥子


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