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Freehand Panoramas

In early summer 2011, I bought a copy of Pano

for the Apple iPod/iPhone. The applications

used the device's built-in camera to shoot

panoramas, although not immediately of an

interactive type. For freehand shooting, the

application did quite well for the $1.99;

however, since Pano began giving me trouble,

I have since purchased AutoStitch Panorama

for $1.99, which does a better job more

robustly. Judge for yourself from the

panoramas below.

Click on the text to grab the complete images,

which are very large. I might trim them down


Do keep in mind that it is hard to keep my iPod

touch level while shooting; you will likely see

slightly blurry sections where the program has

tried to blend overlapping areas that are off by

pitch, roll, or yaw. Parallax is definitely a

problem, since I cannot center the lens to

rotate it; however, I cannot judge how serious

a problem it truly is.

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