People / 人間

I'm not a voyeur, but I do enjoy watching people, in addition to nearly everything else. My head is always spinning about, gawking at the world around me and trying to take in as much of it as possible. Here are a few people who have been captured in my lens for one reason or another. Don't expect anything professional.


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Christopher Glick

Girl posing with samurai

who fired their muskets.

Pilgrims praying at

Yakuoji, Tokushima.

Image of people photographing the last night of old Kunitachi Station

The last night of the old

Kunitachi Station.

Image of boy chopping up octopus for takoyaki

Festival stall food prep.

Image of people photographing plum blossoms

Shooting plum blossoms.

Image of two monks cleaning up after a ceremony

Post-rite Takahatafudou


Col. Sanders looking

hearty and hale.

Image of what firearms do to monitors


In Osaka for Children's

Day, 子供の日.

Kitaro and Mikiko,


Yu-kun and I playing in


In Tonogaya Park

Norman and Waka in

Tokyo Dome

Yaho Oji-chan

Sakata-sensei in Anan,

home to the blue LED.

Takami, Ryo, and


My former boss,

Nakamura-sensei and I.

Rie, Yuka, and Chie


Maru, Rie, Dad, Vivash

ex-owner, Wife, Me.

Outside Rie's father's

mountain retreat—superb!

Maru and Her Father

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