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In the past, I enjoyed taking pictures but not toting a camera. Rather than deliver a message, I wanted to capture scenes that either had personal value or depicted how people lived their lives. But skip the boilerplate: I shot what I liked, sometimes daring to post-process it, usually in Canon's software but sometimes in GraphicConverter or Photoshop. I have used GIMP as well. Now that I am through with my engineering courses, I might return to some photography.


Japan / 日本:

Culture, history, landscapes.

People / 人間:

Homo erectus doing its thing: living.

Students/Staff / 学生及び同僚

As it says.

Indiana / インディアナ州

Pictures from home.


Pictures taken with my macro lens.

Loreo 3D:

You'll need a Loreo viewer to see the output of my Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap.


Traditional red-blue 3D images. You can use free 3D glasses or buy better ones.

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