Some of my engineering courses at Ivy Tech and in the ECE department at IUPUI required final projects, some of which I filmed and uploaded to YouTube. Some of the videos were made to entertain myself and cronies, while others were required as part of a given final project.


P2P Connect 5 Game in Python and PHP

ECE 463: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks (IUPUI, Fall 2016)

Python 3 GUI written by me with tkinter, backend database on server in PHP by partner. GUI validates moves and allows chat. As requested, HTTP is used for the P2P data communications, which can be seen in the Wireshark screen capture.


Berzortal Game (A Berzerk Knockoff) in C and VHDL

ECE 421: Advanced Digital Logic Design (IUPUI, Fall 2016)

All game play was written in original C and hardware in VHDL developed in class for Xilinx’ Vivado for a ZedBoard. For an extended amount of gameplay, including the thrilling end, check this video, which does have a bit of profanity owing to the fierce heat of video game battle.


Home Automation System in Motorola HC12 Assembly

ECE 362: Microprocessor Systems and Interfaces (IUPUI, Fall 2014)

Utilizes hex keypad, potentiometer, switches, LEDs, DC motor, and stepper motor on a custom board made by some EET students in 2009. The house has eight rooms.


7-Segment Display Timer in VHDL

EECT 112: Digital Fundamentals (Ivy Tech, Fall 2012)

Two counter ICs output a high to signal maximum up-/down-count. LEDs signal count direction and whether currently counting. Pushbutton start/stop, switch input, and external clock (oscilloscope). Video made with an old version of iMovie.

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YouTube Videos of Final Projects

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