Christopher Glick Reads a JFile database to create short random quizzes


For tuning soprano ukuleles


HotPaw for Dead PalmOS

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Palm OS Programming in HotPaw

In early 2011, I finally purchased a

replacement device for my old Palm T|X, which

I still keep on hand. One sterling program for

the venerable Palm OS is, in my opinion,

HotPaw for the now-dead Palm OS. You'll need

a keyboard to get the most out of it if you want

to program. If you just want to run others'

programs, you don't need to buy HotPaw.

Here are two of my simple programs for this

BASIC interpreter:

Quizzem: Reads a JFile database to create a

randomly generated test (vocabulary test

sample database included).

UkeTuner: Click on the four strings of a

soprano ukulele in three tunings to hear the

proper pitch for a user-defined number of

seconds. You can even choose high or low G.

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