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In fall 2012, I completed a 4-credit course on C, which culminated in writing a console Windows BMP image editor. That same term, I also designed an up-down timer counter with two-digit 7-segment LED display driven by an oscilloscope, which you can see demonstrated in the brief YouTube video I made. In the fall of 2014, my lab partner Nathan Wheeler and I had a home automation system final project written in Motorola 68K assembly; our final project for ECE 362 can be viewed online. Later my partner Kevin Galler and I wrote some VHDL and a bunch of C for a knockoff Berserk! game. In one of my final courses, partner Jun Lin and I wrote a peer-to-peer connect-five game in Python.


In Days of Yore

Perhaps the first computer I actually used was an audio cassette tape drive Timex Sinclair 1000 that my father bought then later returned to make way for a Commodore 64. I tried to teach myself how to program the C64 in BASIC but got stuck at the peek and poke commands. Somewhere along the line I got an Atari 2600 and pined for the programming cartridge that I never obtained. As part of my initial military occupational specialty (MOS), I learned basic circuitry and had great fun with the soldering iron. At university, I bought an Apple PowerBook 145B and took courses in FORTRAN, COBOL, and Java. Later I dabbled with HTML, JavaScript, and AppleScript. When Apple changed to OS X, I learned some UNIX and made use of the X11 system. I was quite disappointed that Apple reworked QuickTime, since I had begun making progress with QScript, which was part of the superb yet now-dead QuickTime multimedia authoring program LiveStage Pro by Totally Hip.


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