Old and Found Cylindrical QuickTime VR Panoramas

When I first started shooting panoramas, I had a 1-megapixel Fuji camera with little or no exposure adjustment. I mounted it on a discontinued Kaidan Kiwi-L panohead and stitched everything in The VR Worx, which is a good program, but I could never get a really good stitch, which I blame on the low quality lens. For QuickTime panoramas, The VR Worx outputs only cylindrical panoramas, so you can only see about 160° vertically, depending on your lens.


Here are most of my old panoramas. The majority were shot in Tokushima, Japan, and are grouped by theme. Because I mounted the camera vertically, the horizontal space was limited. As a result, I usually took 18 shots, one every 20°. Most of these are low-resolution, so they'll look bad full-screen, if your monitor is big. In that case, just shrink the window by grabbing the bottom right corner and moving it up and left.


Back when I shot these, I had no way of taking care of "ghosts," people and objects that move between component pictures and thus get blurred or cut in half. You'll see a few. You'll also probably notice vertical bars of light and dark, where clouds passed overhead while shooting or whatever. I had no good method of compensating for exposure differences.


"Found" panoramas are images that I've taken from the Internet and converted to QTVR. Where possible, I will give credit.


WWP Panoramas

You can also see more of my panoramas at the WorldWide Panorama. The cylindrical panoramas, which I am unlikely to continue making, that I've contributed are listed below:

Energy: Mansfield Roller Mill / マンズフィルド町の水車小屋

Water: Tokushima City's Delta / 徳島市の扇状地

Marketplace: Charity Auction at Sogo / 徳島そうごのオークション

Sanctuary: View from "Castle Mountain" / 徳島市の城山からの景色

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Christopher Glick Panorama of Bonestell, Mars

Bonestell, Mars, from

Astronomy Picture of the

Day (2009 Jan 20)

Gran Via Josanjima, 3F

My Balcony, 11F

New Balcony Shot

Inside the Park's Japanese

Garden, 180°

Inside the Park's Japanese


Central Park's Roses

Courtyard, Central Park

Central Park with an

audible cawing crow

Pipe over Sukegawa River

Mt. Bizan with Cicada

Sound (loud!)

Tokushima U., Main Street

Tokushma U., Ichigokan

Tokushima U., Behind the


Fureai Bridge

Kuramoto Jingu

A ¥300 Tokushima Temple

Hachiman Jinja

Yoshinogawa River


The Same Estuary Later

Komatsushima Rice


Prefectural Library's Rock


Wada-no-Ya Teahouse

Cafe Ruban

Tommy Cake Shop

Naruto Skyline Drive

Cosmos in Hanoura Town

Hashikura Temple 1

Hashikura Temple 2

Tatsueji Temple (4 nodes)

Kurashiki 1, Okayama

Kurashiki 2, Okayama

Old and Found Panoramas

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