HTML5 Panoramas 3

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HTML5 panoramas are made much like their QuickTime versions: stitch the component photographs together in PTGui to produce a large equirectangular file. With Pano2VR, I then turn the equirectangular or cubic output file into an interactive HTML5 panorama.



I use a Canon 350D and, for panoramas, a Nodal Ninja 3 panohead (with an updated rotary mount) and a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens.



PTGui, GIMP, Pano2VR


WWP Panoramas

You can also see more of my panoramas at the WorldWide Panorama, a quarterly event where panographers (panorama photographers, really) from around the world submit QTVR panoramas united by a certain theme. Beginning with the most recent, here are my submissions:


Forgotten Places: Bullet Train Museum /  新幹線資料館

Food: Tachikawa ecute

Performing Arts: Traditional Japanese Archery

Time: Sekisui Sustainable Design Laboratory

Diversity: Kunitachi Chuo Library / 国立市中央図書館

Best of 2008: Bamboo Grove in Tonogaya Park / 殿ヶ谷戸庭園の竹やぶ

Elevation: Kurio Remington Village, 10F / クリオ・レミントン・ヴィレッジ国立10F

Beginnings: Showa Kinen Park / 昭和記念公園

Sustenance: Hitotsubashi University / 一橋大学

Energy: Mansfield Roller Mill / マンズフィルド町の水車小屋

Water: Tokushima City's Delta / 徳島市の扇状地

Marketplace: Charity Auction at Sogo / 徳島そうごのオークション

Sanctuary: View from "Castle Mountain" / 徳島市の城山からの景色

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Christopher Glick Beneath a plum tree at Hitotsubashi U.

A Plum Tree / 梅の木の下

East Campus, Hitotsubashi U.

Hitotsubashi U., East / 東

West Campus, Hitotsubashi U.

Hitotsubashi U., West / 西

On the Back Patio

On the Back Patio

My favorite cake shop in Kunitachi, Japan

Itoh-ya Cake Shop (2 nodes)

A hilltop shrine in Kyoto

Munetada Shrine, Kyoto

Bedrock Liquors

1909 Phillips Covered Bridge

Northbound on IN SR 25

South Point, Hawai'i

In Awa Odori Kaikan

Archery Club / 弓道部

Kamo River / 鴨川

Japanese Garden, 府中市

Kobe Bay Sheraton

Sustainable Living Lab

Up the Tama River

In Train at Okutama Stn.

Mauna Kea Road, Big


Hilo Bay, Hawai'i

Pu'uhonua o Hōnaunau,


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