How Can I Spin This?

QuickTime VR object movies let you spin an object about its various axes, most frequently the z-axis (yaw). Click and drag the object left or right to rotate it. At present, only "Earth at Night" can also be moved up and down.


I use a ¥100 rotating TV tray, take 22 or 44 pictures of the rotating object, and process them with The VR Worx 2.6. The application is a bit expensive, but it's essentially the only thing out there for Macs if one wants to make object movies.


I have made only three object movies to date. The left two were made around 2003 with a very old one megapixel Fuji digital camera. If I get motivated, I might clean up the current movies. There's a possibility I might make a few more new ones as well. I have a copy of Object2VR, so Flash object movies are likely.

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Christopher Glick QTVR object movie of a colorful wooden Mexican frog

Wooden Mexican Frog

¥100 Godzilla

QTVR object movie of the Earth at night

Earth at Night

Paper Kit Frog in Loreo 3D

(you'll need the glasses)

QuickTime VR Object Movies

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