ENGR 297 Concluded Successfully

On Friday the 6th I concluded my last engineering course at Ivy Tech. ENGR 297 transfers to IUPUI's Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. Once the course wends its way through the registrar's office to my transcript, I will take an official transcript to IUPUI to complete the transfer.

The Matlab course was quite enjoyable, like most courses involving programming. The instructor, Dr. Hall provided practical instruction and demonstrations of problem-solving, both hallmarks of junior college courses. I was glad to complete the course with a score of 100%,

Though there is nothing left for me to transfer to IUPUI's engineering program, Ivy Tech has some courses that do interest me, especially the PLC programming courses. I will likely take some of those in the future.

Last Time on the Ivy Tech Dean's List

Today I returned home from cycling around downtown on my Strida and snapping photos with my Loreo 3D lens to find another letter from Ivy Tech. Dated June 26, it congratulates me for making the dean's list. Since this past spring was likely the last in which I will take six or more credits at Ivy Tech, I will not again be eligible to make the dean's list, unless a summer opens before I graduate.

Access to Access

Years ago I was one of two people who scheduled 100+ teachers in the huge English program at Rikkyo University. We did the scheduling across two campuses, many classes, and all manner of individuals' requests. While most of the serious work was done with Post-It notes, we always ultimately put everything into Access.

Since then, I have only messed with simpler databases like iData and HanDBase. Those two programs have done everything I need on both Mac and iOS, which normally means keeping track of lists, although I have kept track of tutor mileage in HanDBase.

Spring 2014 Term Completed

My spring 2014 terms are over. All my Ivy Tech grades are in:

  • DESN 103, A: This AutoCAD class was enjoyable and useful for laying out 2D designs.
  • ENGR 272, A: A pioneer offering, this was a fast-paced digital logic course with a substantial lab component. We did plenty of interesting things, including Mealy and Moore machines and VHDL.
  • ENGR 279, A: The capstone course required for graduation, also a pioneer offering.

Final grades have now been submitted at IUPUI. Both ECE 202, circuit analysis II, and ECE 210, sophomore seminar, wound up as A+ classes. That makes me quite happy.

Today was also the graduation ceremony for Ivy Tech. I completed my AS in Pre-Engineering (Electrical) Magna cum Laude but opted not to attend the ceremony. One reason is my computer crashed during finals, so I spent a good part of today resurrecting it. Another is that my summer courses will start Thursday, so it does not feel as though I have completed anything.

That said, I hope my fellow graduates enjoyed the ceremony. Below is Daniel Rodriguez, a Peruvian EE student, who wore the Peruvian sash shown below over his graduation robe.


Graduation Request Filed

This week I filed a request for spring graduation at Ivy Tech. I have just two more courses to complete this term: "Engineering Capstone" and "Introduction to Digital Logic Design." Those will conclude all the requirements for the AS in Pre-Engineering (Electrical Engineering). The capstone meets the last eight weeks of the term and serves as a review of all I've done as preparation for the FE exam; the digital course will last the full term and has a lab component.

While my particular AS likely will not mean much in the way of work options, since it is not as applied as the AS in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), it closes one door and opens another.

Finished Teaching MATH023 This Term

Today I proctored the final exam for the MATH023 course I have been teaching at the Lawrence campus of Ivy Tech in Indianapolis. The students who stated with the course largely did well, which makes me both pleased and proud of them.

Congratulations and good luck, students!