Suicide of an Acquaintance

Last night I was very saddened to learn that a young man I knew at IUPUI had killed himself three days prior. He was a few semesters behind me, so I first met him when he was in ECE362, a required course on assembly programming, that I taught with my friend Nathan. He was a hard worker, often coding away in the lab, but he never seemed to get angry about it; the frustration he showed seemed quite minor. Indeed, I had contacted him about coming to work with me after he graduated.

It was a real shock to learn of his suicide.

Concluding with IUPUI

Today I received my Purdue BS EE diploma in the mail, which was very nice. That degree took some real effort, and I am proud of having done so well academically and met so many interesting and inspiring people.

I also received an email informing me that my senior design team had won the Spring 2016 Dunipace Senior Design Award, which I understand to be the Engineering and Technology Department's Bepko Award for Spring 2016, which meant we each received an award applied to our Fall 2016 tuitions. As I no longer live in Indiana, I will regrettably be unable to attend the award ceremony on April 7th in Indianapolis.

Finals Finally Final

Today at 12:30 I finished my last final exam for my BS EE. Now I wait to see what grades will come back. There is a good chance of two As and a C, but we'll see. I have some grading of my own to do for the course I assisted.

What is curious is that I feel neither joy nor satisfaction at having completed everything. Rather I just feel exhausted from the stress of finals now in the past.

My girl and I celebrated at the Indianapolis Rock Bottom Brewery with some fellow engineering students, recent or current graduates. The bison burger was tasty!

On December 22, 2016, the last grade was submitted to the registrar, with the following results:

  1. ECE 321: Electromechanical Motion Devices, B
  2. ECE 421: Advanced Digital Logic Design, A
  3. ECE 463: Introduction to Computer Communications Networks, A

Now I wait for someone to sign off that my degree is indeed complete. My program GPA wound up 3.612, but my degree GPA was 3.803.

Some Mac OS X Networking Commands in Terminal

For my networking course, we are assigned some labs that require using a Wireshark, a free packet sniffer. These labs have forced me to start learning some basic commands in Terminal. I am currently running Mac OS X 10.11.

To get one's IP address, assuming en1 to be what you want:

ipconfig getifaddr en1

To find your DNS address:

nslookup -type=ns

To flush the DNS cache:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

IUPUI Microwave Ovens

There are a limited number of microwave ovens at IUPUI, which can lead to awkward queues. Here are the places where I have found ovens for students to use:

  1. SL building, 2F lounge. This is in the passageway between the SL and LD buildings. It is often rather crowded at lunch.
  2. Campus Center, 2F, near Caribou Coffee. This area is also crowded at lunch.
  3. Campus Center, 1F, near the eateries. There are at least two ovens here.
  4. UC, 1F, in the small area with vending machines near the various multicultural centers.

Until last semester, there had been a very handy microwave in ET 2F near the two stairwells, in the vending machine area. It has since disappeared.

    Spring 2016 Grades

    Though repetitive in light of previous posts, here are my grades for this term:

    1. ECE 488, Senior Design II, 2 cr.: A
    2. ECE 401, Engineering Ethics, 1 cr.: A
    3. ECE 532, Power Systems Analysis, 3 cr.: A
    4. ECE 427, Semiconductor Power Electronics, 3 cr.: A

    This term started poorly, especially since I spent the entire first four weekends doing little more than learning Kivy to build my senior project's GUI. That led to some abysmal initial test scores. However, the term ended quite well.

    The first two courses listed above are the last two required courses I must take. The third and fourth are my first two EE electives. This fall I will take three more electives to graduate.

    Two Finals Down

    Today I had two back-to-back finals in 427 and 532.

    The latter, ECE 532: Power Systems Analysis, had three tests, each similar in format: 17 multiple choice questions, the first a free four points followed by sixteen worth six points each. I have had questions with choices a~h, which makes eliminating choices very difficult. My first test was a disaster, as it came during the busiest time of the term, when my portion of the seni0r design project--learning and writing Kivy--was at its zenith. The second test went well, but not well enough to offset the first. In the end, I scored a 76 on the final, which will almost certainly result in a very solid B. If the instructor gave + and - versions of grades, I would possible get a B+.

    Grades are less certain in ECE 427: Semiconductor Power Electronics. However, after a retake of an interim test, I went into the final with 63.6%, assuming I skipped the final. Since I did not skip the final, its 30% weight will greatly influence my final grade. While I could yet be proven wrong, I expect at least a 65 on the test, which would put me on the border of B- and B. I think I might have done a bit better though, in which case I should get a B there, too.

    These will be my first B grades in core engineering classes, but that's fine.

    Update: I was prematurely pessimistic about 427. I will apparently get an A after some grade modification. My final score of 88 helped as well. There was some adjustment for 532 as well, so it can back an A, too.