Welding Certificate

My last welding course at Ivy Tech, WELD 209, finished in August. I applied for an audit of my work, which was delayed by the retirement of the industrial technology program head. Every so often I would check the certificate's progress: pending.

Today, however, I finally received an email confirmation from the registrar that my Technical Certificate in Structural Welding has been conferred. Outstanding!

However, it has since turned out that there is excessive ambiguity at work here, so I don't really know what is going on.

Ivy Tech Done for Summer

Today is the last day of Ivy Tech's summer 2013 term. I took the last welding course needed to get the Structural Welding Certificate; it will likely be the last welding course I will take.

The introductory Python course, which ended with an A, was enjoyable like all programming courses. While I did almost all my Python work on my Windows partition, I also worked on it done under Mac. Some articles I encountered online suggested that Python installations can conflict with those supplied by Apple, which caused me to hold off on making Mac OS my Python home. With the brief summer's end break coming up, I might change that.

My tutoring for the summer has ended as well. I had a great student for MATH 136 (algebra) and 137 (trigonometry). Both are good classes and requirements for calculus I.

All that remains is my final for ordinary differential equations at IUPUI, a course which has moved quickly. It has been a very good course, low on theory but high on practicality and applications.

Stick Vertical Up Passed!

Today I finally passed the vertical up with shielded metal arc welding. It is a great relief since it has taken me a long time to do this.

I note that I got another blast of sparks down my left glove. This left a good-sized blister in an inconvenient spot. I also got some hot metal bits melted into the sole of my boot.


But it has all been worth it! Vertical up certification brings with it that for horizontal and flat.

On Wednesday I will try to do a better version. Then I'll shift to vertical up with a MIG welder.

Stick Vertical Up Visual Inspection Pass

Today I welded up some much better versions of the spiteful vertical up. My final version was nicely prepared: milk scale ground off, weld faces ground, tacked to 1/4" exact. The first 3/32" pass was fairly well done, the rods strategically burnt to have an uninterrupted stretch in the middle. The first 1/8" was done similarly. The 1/8" cover pass was pretty flat for the first half; the latter had a consistent lump up it. However, the cover pass width was good, and nowhere did the cover pass exceed height limits although it came right up to them.

Weldments going to a bend test should not be quenched, which can make the weld brittle. Since I used "recycled" pieces, someone might have quenched the metal in the past, which could create problems for me. Regardless, I left it outside the lab to cool in the air. The downside was that meant there would be no bend test for me today.

Our instructor, Mr. Caldwell, said about 90% of welds that pass the visual inspection pass the bend test. Certainly I hope mine does on Wednesday, because that would certify me, give me at least a B in the course, and let me start overhead certification with stick or shift to vertical up and overhead with MIG (GMAW).

Another reason I hope my weld passes is that I got a number of small scars today from sparks falling down inside my glove. :-/


Vertical Up

The main task in WELD 209 is to become certified in the vertical up position with shielded metal arc welding. This entails beveling two 3/8" steel pieces to make a 1/4" gap then tack welding those two beveled pieces onto a backing plate with ER6010. Then clamp the weldment vertically to late a root pass with 3/32" ER7016, another pass with 1/8" ER7016, and a cover pass with the 1/8" again.

Wow, does stuff get hot!

I like when I've made a good pass and the flux forms symmetrical reptilian overlapping ridges that come off in long pieces with a light whack from the slag hammer.

Here's how I was set up today.


Summer Term Starts Tomorrow

Ivy Tech's summer term starts for me tomorrow, bright and early at 8. That class will be the shielded metal (stick) and gas metal (MIG) arc welding certification course, which will likely be the last welding course I'll take. Hopefully this summer will be cooler than average, since wielding a tiny Sun a foot or two from one's face gets quite hot.

My first ever online course will start as well. I decided to take a Python programming course for personal interest. The Mac OS comes with a couple Python versions installed, but I might end up doing the work from my Boot Camp partition, which is Windows 7.

On June 24, I will start an ordinary differential equations course at IUPUI. That will make me very busy.