Two Finals Down

Today I had two back-to-back finals in 427 and 532.

The latter, ECE 532: Power Systems Analysis, had three tests, each similar in format: 17 multiple choice questions, the first a free four points followed by sixteen worth six points each. I have had questions with choices a~h, which makes eliminating choices very difficult. My first test was a disaster, as it came during the busiest time of the term, when my portion of the seni0r design project--learning and writing Kivy--was at its zenith. The second test went well, but not well enough to offset the first. In the end, I scored a 76 on the final, which will almost certainly result in a very solid B. If the instructor gave + and - versions of grades, I would possible get a B+.

Grades are less certain in ECE 427: Semiconductor Power Electronics. However, after a retake of an interim test, I went into the final with 63.6%, assuming I skipped the final. Since I did not skip the final, its 30% weight will greatly influence my final grade. While I could yet be proven wrong, I expect at least a 65 on the test, which would put me on the border of B- and B. I think I might have done a bit better though, in which case I should get a B there, too.

These will be my first B grades in core engineering classes, but that's fine.

Update: I was prematurely pessimistic about 427. I will apparently get an A after some grade modification. My final score of 88 helped as well. There was some adjustment for 532 as well, so it can back an A, too.