Communist China

I have typically had very favorable encounters with Chinese of all kinds: Chinese-Americans who fled Communism; Taiwanese and Mainland students in the US and Japan; ethnic Chinese from Singapore and Thailand, or met in Indonesia; Chinese of all sorts met when I lived in Japan. China's economic growth has been fantastic and pulled many people up and out of poverty. That said, Communist China sucks.

Communist China has been attempting to violate its agreement with the United Kingdom on the return of Hong Kong, the agreement to protect autonomy for Hong Kong. Communist China is trying to crush Hong Kong's democratic and capitalist system, crush its success, and crush its populace. It has begun killing freedom protesters, a foregone conclusion.

Communist China claims to protect its ethnic minorities, but it systematically oppresses and incarcerates on a massive scale its Uighurs, a Turkic Muslim minority. Vice President Mike Pence has spoken out against this, but few others seem to care, Turkey's strongman excluded.

Communist China invaded Tibet and exiled the Dalai Lama. Ever threatened by a possible competitor to its power, it feted a ChiCom-approved puppet impostor. It also has a state-sponsored Patriotic Catholic Church to thwart papal influence.

Communist China continues patrolling and building in disputed waters and on disputed islands; it intrudes on the waters and skies of Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and others. Communist China persists in intimidating and squeezing Taiwan, the Republic of China. Whenever Communist China finally feels able to invade Taiwan, the carnage will be awful.

Communist China turns out quality products, but plenty of shoddy stuff. Foodstuffs are often unfit for human consumption and sometimes fatal to animals.

Communist China requires that foreign firms allow access to Chinese nationals, government operatives, and outright spies and competitors in ways no other country does. Amazingly, many foreign firms have been happy to turn over their hard-won technologies and trade secrets with nary a complaint.

Communist China has been oppressing the Falun Gong religious group for years.

Communist China reportedly harvests organs from the incarcerated, sometimes while they are still alive.

Communist China tracks everything it can to control its population. Its Social Credit system is dystopian, but plenty of foreign companies and governments are abetting it.

Communism sucks terribly, and so does Communist China.