Spring 2013 Complete

Today is officially the last day of Ivy Tech's spring 2013 term. So far the only grade to arrive is for my Gas Tungsten Arc Welding course: A. Grades must be submitted by Tuesday, so I will check then.

At present, I am working through a textbook for MATLAB. In the past, I dabbled with the program by following its video tutorials. Yet a textbook really seems to work better for me.

Summer starts June 10th at Ivy Tech and June 24th at IUPUI.

Starting Right

Awoke early, made a cup of cardamom coffee, and checked Blackboard, the student course management software Ivy Tech uses: I got an A in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding!

Now it's studying for multivariate calculus' exam in 4 hours.

Line Integrals

Recently I finished a section on vector calculus. We covered various topics, including ways to solve line integrals, including Green's Theorem and Stokes' Theorem. There seems to be a mass of options, all annoyingly similar yet different, to solve line integrals.

Yet it took me a long time to realize the methods all boiled down to solving the line integral:


That's all. It was simply maddening that at not point was it simply pointed out that all roads led to Rome. Granted, I came to that conclusion, but it would have been nice had that been pointed out earlier.