Statics is Tough

Some of my cohorts are mechanical engineering students, all of whom must take statics, a famously challenging course. The other day one of them said a fellow student had summed up statics thus:

Statics is the type of course that makes a career at McDonald's appealing.

I don't know yet whether I have met an engineering student who has not, at some point, thought of quitting. The courses are hard, requiring massive input for most. Cases where the highest test score is 40 or less are legion, perhaps outdone by a story about a class in which a D was awarded for a final course percentage of just 10%, which nobody achieved except for the autistic 13-year-old genius who aced everything and was unhappy with the slow pace of the course.

Textbook Errata

At present I am using the 2009 version of Alexander and Sadiku's Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, fourth edition. Practice problem 7.3 was driving me nuts: I worked it a few times yet never got the correct edition. Frustrated, I resorted to DuckDuckGo and found an errata file for the book. It turns out that all the resistors in my book's problem were wrong, as were both answers; the other answer has the wrong units as well. No wonder I was having trouble.

Welding Certificate

My last welding course at Ivy Tech, WELD 209, finished in August. I applied for an audit of my work, which was delayed by the retirement of the industrial technology program head. Every so often I would check the certificate's progress: pending.

Today, however, I finally received an email confirmation from the registrar that my Technical Certificate in Structural Welding has been conferred. Outstanding!

However, it has since turned out that there is excessive ambiguity at work here, so I don't really know what is going on.