WorldWide Panorama: Best of 2013

It has been a few years since I participated in a WorldWide Panorama event, but I will have an entry for the end of the year: the fort at Al Falaij, Oman.

I like the panorama for its content and memories, but also for it being perhaps the first WWP entry ever for Oman.

That said, it was my penultimate panorama. Not long after I took it, my tripod broke and the lens cap fell off my Peleng fisheye, scratching through its anti-glare coating, thus rendering it almost useless.

Finished Teaching MATH023 This Term

Today I proctored the final exam for the MATH023 course I have been teaching at the Lawrence campus of Ivy Tech in Indianapolis. The students who stated with the course largely did well, which makes me both pleased and proud of them.

Congratulations and good luck, students!