Pedal-Power Table

For some time I have though about a desk where one could pedal, while at the desk, to create the electricity needed. According to The Atlantic, someone has designed just such a thing. I believe the article said Pedal Power's design is open-source. When asked if they feared competition as a result, they answered that not everyone can weld. Good point! I can, at a low skill level, but I don't have a welder of any type or the space to do it.

Very nice work, that desk!

Graduation Request Filed

This week I filed a request for spring graduation at Ivy Tech. I have just two more courses to complete this term: "Engineering Capstone" and "Introduction to Digital Logic Design." Those will conclude all the requirements for the AS in Pre-Engineering (Electrical Engineering). The capstone meets the last eight weeks of the term and serves as a review of all I've done as preparation for the FE exam; the digital course will last the full term and has a lab component.

While my particular AS likely will not mean much in the way of work options, since it is not as applied as the AS in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), it closes one door and opens another.

私の新たな計算機: TI-89

The other day I decided to buy a really spiffy calculator, since my $10 Casios and TIs occasionally come short. An engineering friend swears by his TI-84, but reading reviews on Amazon convinced me to cough up some extra money to buy the TI-89. I called my closest Best Buy to confirm they had it in stock; however, the salespeople were skeptical although we found two remained on the shelves. I paid my $160.49 and left.


Though it has only been a few hours, I have worked through the skimpily bundled tutorial booklet. Now I am working through more tutorials I have found online at the site Using the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. The learning curve is rather steep, but I know this will be handy for my upcoming EE courses.


A winter storm, one predicted to set records, has largely passed through. It has left behind perhaps 10" of snow inside Indianapolis. From 4-6:30 this past afternoon, my apartment complex was without power. I have ample candles and blankets. But it started to become worrisome as the Sun set and information about shelters was hard to come by. It was not much below freezing, but the temperature started its long plunge to a predicted -20°F, some predicting -40°F with windchill.

I do thank the Broad Ripple police for calling me back to confirm the state fairgrounds are a warmth shelter. Additionally, Indianapolis Power & Light got power flowing again.

The power had gone out again recently, so I have all candles burning. The power continues to flicker. The snow on the lines and wind in excess of 20mph do not help. Freezing rain was predicted for early morning, which particularly worries me for another power outage. Thus I am staying up while outside it lurches toward -13°F.