Fall 2014 Courses

The fall term is not far away, but I have already registered for classes and ordered all my textbooks. Everything will be in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Right now, I am registered for:

  1. ME 29500: Mechanics & Heat
  2. ECE 31100: Electric & Magnetic Fields
  3. ECE 30100: Signals & Systems

My current plan is to take ECE 30200, Probabilistic Methods in Electrical Engineering, as well, but I am waiting on departmental permission to take that as well.

College Comparisons

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a nifty interactive map of most US higher education institutions. It shows which others Institution X seems itself comparable as well as those that seem Institution X comparable.

My alma mater Indiana University Bloomington does well, rather better than my current institution Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Rose-Hulman is not listed. Strangely enough, neither is Miskatonic University.

It is rather fun to punch in various places, like New Mexico Tech or Auburn University to see what else turns up.

Last Time on the Ivy Tech Dean's List

Today I returned home from cycling around downtown on my Strida and snapping photos with my Loreo 3D lens to find another letter from Ivy Tech. Dated June 26, it congratulates me for making the dean's list. Since this past spring was likely the last in which I will take six or more credits at Ivy Tech, I will not again be eligible to make the dean's list, unless a summer opens before I graduate.

ACT/CAAP Results

The other day I returned home to find the results of ACT's CAAP test. The state of Indiana required that Ivy Tech made me take the test as an exit requirement for graduation. There was no minimum score requirement. While there are six individual test modules, my fellow prospective alumni were subjected to just two: English and math.

My results were somewhat satisfying: For both test modules, I scored in the top 1% locally and nationally against other university sophomores.