Copy & Scan Protection for Students and Self

Today I got a  test back with the announcement that all tests were being scanned so questions of grading could be resolved more objectively by referring to scoring of other tests.  That is a good policy.

Yesterday the tests were returned to those who wanted them. Today an email came from the instructor with much statistical information. I appreciate such post-test results, because it is always nice I know where one stands in relation to others. It is unfortunate that such information is not required from all instructors in my department.

China Pulls "Under the Dome"

Earlier today I happened to read an article on Channel News Asia about a documentary on air pollution in China. None of the links now seem to work at Channel News Asia, but the BBC has a similar article. The documentary below is interesting and depressing, and one can clearly see clear why the Chinese government would prefer not to have the documentary circulating. The documentary is not without its own biases and hypocrisy--e.g., the journalist burns much fuel flying to various countries to interview people (and fly in a helicopter over LA) while urging everyone else to take public transportation and use less coal and oil--but it was worth watching, in part because it was information from Chinese within China about a serious problem inside China.

I also know what it's like to live for years with potentially unhealthy kerosene heating, as I did in Tokushima, Japan.

The documentary is titled Under the Dome and is well subtitled in English.

ENGR 297 Concluded Successfully

On Friday the 6th I concluded my last engineering course at Ivy Tech. ENGR 297 transfers to IUPUI's Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. Once the course wends its way through the registrar's office to my transcript, I will take an official transcript to IUPUI to complete the transfer.

The Matlab course was quite enjoyable, like most courses involving programming. The instructor, Dr. Hall provided practical instruction and demonstrations of problem-solving, both hallmarks of junior college courses. I was glad to complete the course with a score of 100%,

Though there is nothing left for me to transfer to IUPUI's engineering program, Ivy Tech has some courses that do interest me, especially the PLC programming courses. I will likely take some of those in the future.