Yes, you can mail it.

The other day | visited the post office to buy some stamps. While in line, a young woman came up behind me. She had an envelope in her hand, so I suggested she go before me. When she got to the counter, she asked the bored clerk whether she could place the envelope in a blue mailbox. The clerk replied, "It has a stamp on it so yes you can. You can even put it in a mail slot, a mail drop, or even a mailbox."

The woman confirmed: "So I can put it in a blue mailbox?"

The clerk assured her that was the case, so she left, presumably to put it in one of the blue mailboxes outside. 

It was an odd exchange, so I chuckled to myself; however, I realized that the girl had quite possibly never mailed anything before in her life: She was probably 20 or so and thus did everything on her phone or online. 

lt made me feel rather dated. 

Tire Thieves

My girlfriend called to let me know some scumbags stole all four of her Nissan's Michelin tires last night before 11pm. The left bricks under three of the tires; the fourth had the brake's disc rotor resting on the ground.

Her insurance company has already replaced the tires but added hubcap locks. I can't wait to be done with school to move out of the city proper to a suburb or, preferably, a regional city with fewer people and less crime.


Today  I had my last test of the spring 2015 semester. The term was the most taxing yet.

Grades are slowly coming in, though the deadline for submission is apparently May 12th. For the ECE 208 course, I got an A, but I did poorly on the final, since I had studied 40 hours in preparation for another test and was quite burnt out.

It was with great relief and some surprise that I wound up with an A in ECE 302, probability and probabilistic methods. In fact, my grades came in quite nicely:

  1. Matlab, ENGR 297, at Ivy Tech: A
  2. ECE 302, Probability & Probabilistic Methods, IUPUI: A
  3. ECE 382, Feedback Systems Analysis, IUPUI: A
  4. ECE 302, Electronics Lab, IUPUI: A
  5. ECE 302, Intro Electronics Analysis, IUPUI: A+


With great joy did I place my probability textbook in its bubble-wrap mailer, drive it to the nearest UPS store, and return it to the company from I rented the book.