This Term and Next

There are seven weeks left in this term, a figure that includes finals week. The term has picked up momentum as it moves towards the end.

AEP Transmission sent me a nice athletic pullover that I've really taken a liking to. Thanks, AEP!

The ECE 362 course for which my friend Nathan and me work as assembly programming lab assistants has concluded its labs. From here, the students will be assigned their final projects and we'll help them complete those. We tell hem to expect to put in at least 60~80 hours.

This week I signed up for the spring 2016 term. Currently I am registered for:

  1. ECE 401: Engineering ethics is a one-credit requirement.
  2. ECE 488: Senior design II, a two-credit requirement.
  3. ECE 359: "C and Data Structures" is a three-credit elective I am certain to take, assuming enough students enroll.
  4. One of the following:
  • ECE 471: Embedded systems is a three-credit elective that involves writing C for hardware and using assembly subroutines with C.
  • ECE 427: Power electronics is another elective that continues circuit analysis and study of active elements.

Those are recent big events.


Friday brought me halfway through this semester, autumn 2015. I have had just two tests to date, both fearsome. The first was three weeks ago, and I have yet to see its scores; the other, three days ago.

The senior design project is coming along. This weekend I must research some hardware options for it.

Work as a lab assistant for the assembly programming course is fine. This is my third section in two terms. While I don't write much assembly as a lab assistant, I do get more exposure to how others think and write it, which is beneficial to me. It has also led me to consider taking ECE 359, "C and Data Structures" in the spring, which uses C as a medium for teaching concepts about the stack, recursive functions, efficiency, and backwards engineering code.

Regardless of how things seem to be going presently, I look forward to the conclusion of the remaining half of the term.

C++ in Xcode on Mac OS X

I have begun dabbling some with C++, since a good part of my senior project is to be written in the language. Earlier today, I messed a bit with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, which was fine. This evening, I wanted to mess a bit with Apple's Xcode, its free IDE. The following video was helpful in getting me started.

Paintball Barn in Attica

Today I went up to Attica for an event at The Paintball Barn in Attica, Indiana. It turned out to be fun, but it is very fast-paced. Opposing teams move on each other through obstacle courses, and paintballs fly like swarms of bees. They sting a bit when you get hit, especially head shots. There are perhaps four different courses, with the old farm equipment being my favorite: ample barriers but decent visibility.

I might go back again, but not until I'm done with school.

Five Weeks In

My fall term got off to a poor start, because I caught the ague or some other horrible ailment that set me behind by two weeks. As a result, I dropped one course to salvage the other two.

Our first test in the fearsome ECE440 was this Wednesday. I out in two pretty solid days of study solely for the test. Apparently test averages are often in the 30~40% range, so I expect to get hammered. That said, when I left, I thought a 65 might be possible.

As times passes, however, I become more pessimistic. There are nearly 50 students in the class, so it will surely take a long time to return the tests.