Final Semester

The first week of classes has ended, with both relief and repudiation. Since returning from my internship in Arizona, there has been much to do here in Indiana. I have also spent three days taking a Japanese friend to a doctor for a dangerous eye infection. My 2011 Honda Fit has all-electrical steering, no hydraulics, that has begun failing briefly and intermittently, so that is in the shop to be examined.

In addition to doing a final section of the assembly programming lab for ECE 362, I have three electives:

  1. ECE 321: Electromechanical Motion Devices about motors, generators, magnets, inductors, and such.
  2. ECE 463: Fundamentals of Computer Communications about networking, which looks to be quite interesting.
  3. ECE 421: Advanced Digital Logic Design, a VHDL course that requires much work with Xilinx' Vivado.

Chinese Reconciliation  Park, Tacoma, Washington

I drove into Tacoma today while staying with a friend in Bremerton. Towards the end of my visit, I went to a small park that was built to make some me degree of amends for the poor treatment Chinese immigrants to the US suffered in the late 19th century. The park is located near the northern tip of a small peninsula. It was a pleasant place to spend a bit of time. There is a Chinese temple donated by Seattle's sister city of Fuzhou, PRC.

This panorama is a bit misleading, as the water should be the focus. After my two trips to San Carlos, Mexico, this summer, I have an increased interest in bays.

I enjoyed the small conservatory in Tacoma and the once-dazzling downtown under renovation. There are some impressive buildings that stand on the steep staggered slope down into the water.