Fall 2014 Term Completed

The fall 2014 semester is over. I had three finals: two on Thursday, one on Friday. I had been regularly checking for official grades, but for days only my t'ai ch'i course grade was up. Here's how things shook out:

  • HPER 148: T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan, 1 cr. A+
  • ECE 200: Engineering Coop, 1 cr., S
  • ECE 301: Signals & Systems, 3 cr., A
  • ECE 362: Microprocessor Systems & Interfaces, 4 cr., A+
  • ECE 311: Electric & Magnetic Fields, 3 cr., A

The three three-hundred-level courses were tough. The E&M course is widely considered the second-hardest class for electrical engineering; I invested plenty of hours in the course each week to be able to walk into the final with 95%. For the microcontrollers course, we learned to write assembly code for the Motorola HC12. That course's final project consumed the Thanksgiving break of my partner, Nathan Wheeler, and I. Eventually I will provide a short video of our "home automation system."

Not five minutes after writing this, buddy Nathan wrote that grades were up, so I updated everything. Despite concluding a 3.5-year divorce, without children, and taking three demanding courses, I think I did OK.