Habitat for Humanity Work

Yesterday I put in my first day with Habitat for Humanity. I was part of a group of volunteers from American Electric Power. The house we were building is at 97 E. Woodrow, Columbus, Ohio.

My tasks were somewhat limited, since I have zero experience with building homes. I moved wood and held long pieces for sawing. I did use a nail gun to place T-bars of wood for hanging drywall above the staircase. Later I help nail blue styrofoam to the outside of the house.

Apparently the home will end up being worth approximately $100,000. People sign up for the homes and must take classes on home repairs and maintenance as well as visit the construction site repeatedly. The local housing safety people come by regularly, too.

I'll do another day of work in July. It will be interesting to see how the work progresses. This is the 18th or 19th home that AEP has helped build in the Columbus area.