Boot Camp 4, Windows 7 Installation

Today I received my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. I had already printed out the Apple manual for Boot Camp, which allows me to create a Windows partition on my Intel Mac to boot into Windows as needed. Much of the software I'll need for engineering is Windows-only so I had no choice: Boot Camp or a second laptop; I have chosen Boot Camp for the time being.

How I went about installing Windows on my MacBook Pro:

  1. I backed up my Mac using SuperDuper!
  2. I ran Boot Camp Assistant and set my Windows partition to 100GB
  3. Using BCA, I downloaded the Windows Support files and burned them to a CDR within BCA--nice
  4. The Mac booted in Windows, so I fed in the Windows installer and ran it
  5. I ejected the Windows installer disk then installed the Windows Support files
  6. Finished installing Windows with few more restarts
  7. Windows 7 on my Mac!

So far, I have not yet tried to install anything third party, although Visual C++ Studio Express is downloading now.