IUPUI Microwave Ovens

There are a limited number of microwave ovens at IUPUI, which can lead to awkward queues. Here are the places where I have found ovens for students to use:

  1. SL building, 2F lounge. This is in the passageway between the SL and LD buildings. It is often rather crowded at lunch.
  2. Campus Center, 2F, near Caribou Coffee. This area is also crowded at lunch.
  3. Campus Center, 1F, near the eateries. There are at least two ovens here.
  4. UC, 1F, in the small area with vending machines near the various multicultural centers.

Until last semester, there had been a very handy microwave in ET 2F near the two stairwells, in the vending machine area. It has since disappeared.