Ivy Tech Done for Summer

Today is the last day of Ivy Tech's summer 2013 term. I took the last welding course needed to get the Structural Welding Certificate; it will likely be the last welding course I will take.

The introductory Python course, which ended with an A, was enjoyable like all programming courses. While I did almost all my Python work on my Windows partition, I also worked on it done under Mac. Some articles I encountered online suggested that Python installations can conflict with those supplied by Apple, which caused me to hold off on making Mac OS my Python home. With the brief summer's end break coming up, I might change that.

My tutoring for the summer has ended as well. I had a great student for MATH 136 (algebra) and 137 (trigonometry). Both are good classes and requirements for calculus I.

All that remains is my final for ordinary differential equations at IUPUI, a course which has moved quickly. It has been a very good course, low on theory but high on practicality and applications.