Uverse Outage

Last Thursday my AT&T Uverse service suddenly failed; I dumped the TV service a while ago, but losing phone and Internet was quite unpleasant. AT&T put a new WiFi unit in the mail; it arrived the next day, which I appreciated. However, it didn't work properly either.

So I called AT&T and convinced them to send out a technician, who was to come the next day between 12 and 4. But that would 2 days without phone and Internet.

Our technician arrived early and went down to check wiring. He came back up to say something is funny, because HQ shows us as being lit up but nothing was reaching us; if it were faulty wiring or damaged wiring inside the walls, we would have to deal with the landlord.

In the end, it turned out that some other technician had mistakenly plugged our line into someone else's socket. How frustrating.