Summer Welding Over

This evening I completed my summer welding class: Shielded Metal Arc Welding II. The final project took two sessions, during which we put four fillet welds vertically up the length of three bars of steel, each 1"x2"x6". Two were done with ER6011, a deep penetration rod; the other two, ER7018.

Our massive weld menus were then sawn in half. One open face was then sprayed with a red coating that shows porosity and other flaws inside the welds. Although the surface of mine looked rather good, there were too many pinholes in my cross-section. There were no exams or other work outside welding with which to offset one's actual welding work.

Thus the course ended with a B. Crud. However, the welding scale is different: 88% is the bottom B.

I plan to get a welding certificate, since I enjoy welding. To do so means two more classes: GTAW and Certification. However, I don't know when I will have the opportunity to take them due to my other courses.