Yesterday I made my first trip to Saraga, massive international grocery in northwest Indianapolis. It was recommended to me by a Japanese friend as having the best prices he's seen though there's little room to improve on costly Japanese imports. That said, I did buy an oden set that was pretty nice and a good daikon for $0.99.

One of Saraga's charm points is its massive produce section. There were some unusual items, including more types of pears than I have seen before.

Another is the sheer range of stuff. The Middle Eastern section in particular was quite large, but I couldn't find any laban or leb'n, a yogurt-like drink that works wonderfully with dates. There were some interesting African foodstuffs too.

The next time I go, I do plan to try mate tea soda. It does not sound that thrilling though I like mate tea. However, I am quite curious about the soda's taste.