Junked over Ads

Over time I have gotten heartily sick of ads. As a student, I have no money to waste on the products; most would have no appeal even were I earning a good income. Ads were a good reason why I scrapped cable TV, although its high cost for 220 channels of tripe that was a worthless distraction from my studies played a greater role.

Today I deleted a second or third iOS app because of the obnoxious ads. They are annoying when the play in a small part of the screen, as with The Weather Channel's app, for which I would pay to end the ads. But apps that require a user to sit through a stupid TV ad before the app can be used are too much.

The ads that increasingly are required to watch things on YouTube have had the effect of my immediately quitting a YouTube video that opens with an ad. The constant ad assault seems to be an American thing: I do not recall ever being forced to sit through even a second of an ad when viewing YouTube content in Japan.