A Student to Marry

I greatly enjoyed most of my Japanese students and colleagues, but I have retained contact with only a few of them. Most of my acquaintances are from my Tokushima University days, during which my Japanese ability began to improve and the size of the city, smaller than Sapporo and Tokyo, helped me get to know people better. My last unwed student recently sent photos of the man to whom she is now engaged, who proposed by writing "Please Marry Me Rie" in fruit syrup on a dessert plate at dinner.

Congratulations Rie!

Yes, you can mail it.

The other day | visited the post office to buy some stamps. While in line, a young woman came up behind me. She had an envelope in her hand, so I suggested she go before me. When she got to the counter, she asked the bored clerk whether she could place the envelope in a blue mailbox. The clerk replied, "It has a stamp on it so yes you can. You can even put it in a mail slot, a mail drop, or even a mailbox."

The woman confirmed: "So I can put it in a blue mailbox?"

The clerk assured her that was the case, so she left, presumably to put it in one of the blue mailboxes outside. 

It was an odd exchange, so I chuckled to myself; however, I realized that the girl had quite possibly never mailed anything before in her life: She was probably 20 or so and thus did everything on her phone or online. 

lt made me feel rather dated.