Moda Industria Show

A friend of mine has started her own business selling original art: Moda Industria.

Last Friday I drove down to see an exhibition of her work at Bloomington's John Waldron Arts Center, which is apparently a part of Ivy Tech Community College. Her work is quite interesting, but I do prefer the metal work, such as the piece below. She no longer welds the pieces herself, but she can, if needed. Right on!


I like the intentional corrosion on both these pieces. Rust can be oddly warm and appealing, but I do like orange colors.



While traipsing about Indianapolis' Skiles Test Public Park today, I happened to spot this graffiti stencil spray painted onto a concrete wall.


Since I usually enjoy the now-defunct cartoon series King of the Hill, I was rather amused. I dislike graffiti, but this made me laugh. Hank Hill, propane, why?