What Is Remodernism?

Much modern art is not appealing to me, because it is harsh, tacky, uninspired, uninspiring, or devoid of skill. Some is unintentionally funny, but I am generally unwilling to pay to see it. I hate paying for it, especially when a taxpayer-funded monstrosity is plopped into previously pleasant public areas.

Brutalist architecture can be interesting in a masochistic way. Websites and photo streams of architectural malpractice can be engrossing, but I pity those who live in or among the structures that will blight the humans' existence. Frank Gehry's shiny angular eyesores are a prime example.

This Remodernist piece is thus something I could perhaps be down with, were I more engaged in philosophies of art.

Nodal Ninja Panographic Tools

At the end of last month, the lone direct store and supplier of Fanotec products, including Nodal Ninja panoheads, closed in Chandler, Arizona. They sold other companies' products for people interested in virtual reality photography, of panoramas where the viewer rotates the object around self and of objects where the viewer rotates an object. Years ago, the former was a hobby of mine. With their closeout sale, I bought a new Nodal Ninja 6 panohead, but I have yet to shoot anything. I also have a newer digital SLR with much better resolution than my old Rebel XT.

Not too many weeks ago I bought some panorama software updates. There is a re-learning curve, and the loss of Photoshop, since I cannot justify the subscription fees, means a bit of effort to learn enough for a new graphic editor, be it GIMP or something else that can handle layers and masking. Maybe it is time to get a drawing tablet, too.

That I have not shot any panoramas in a long time will soon change, so please stay tuned!

Moda Industria Show

A friend of mine has started her own business selling original art: Moda Industria.

Last Friday I drove down to see an exhibition of her work at Bloomington's John Waldron Arts Center, which is apparently a part of Ivy Tech Community College. Her work is quite interesting, but I do prefer the metal work, such as the piece below. She no longer welds the pieces herself, but she can, if needed. Right on!


I like the intentional corrosion on both these pieces. Rust can be oddly warm and appealing, but I do like orange colors.



While traipsing about Indianapolis' Skiles Test Public Park today, I happened to spot this graffiti stencil spray painted onto a concrete wall.


Since I usually enjoy the now-defunct cartoon series King of the Hill, I was rather amused. I dislike graffiti, but this made me laugh. Hank Hill, propane, why?