Too Many Calculators

Yesterday in my chemistry course's work group, there was a young woman who works in one of IUPUI's testing centers. For CHEM 105, we will take 4 computer tests outside class times at the centers; only the final is given in class. She said that from this term, only the TI-30Xa calculator will be allowed. After class I stopped at a testing center to confirm this is indeed so.

Last week I bought a $20 TI-30 XS II or something that is required for students for the math course I will teach.

For earlier math courses at Ivy Tech, I had to buy a Casio scientific calculator.

I have a little credit-card-sized basic function calculator that I got years ago for opening an account with a now-defunct Japanese bank, 北海道拓銀.

On my iPod I have two calculator programs, Scientific Graphing Calculator and i41CX+, in addition to two dedicated math programs, MathStudio (I use it often) and PocketCAS Pro.

I am heartily sick of buying new calculators, especially just to take 4 tests.