HanDBase: DB Popup to Tie Fields

After I bought my iPod, I hoped to find an iOS version of a Palm OS database I used. However, no iOS version existed at the time, so I bought two database programs: iData, which I had used for years on my Macs and with my Palm handhelds, and HanDBase, which has been around for a long time. HanDBase offers many different field types, so I tend to use it more, as in the case below.

Currently a student, I work irregularly as a tutor. I use HanDBase to keep track of who, for whom, where, and whatnot. When tax time comes around, I need to know my mileage in traveling to and from tutoring sessions. My dilemma was how to tie an easily recalled text field, like "Home<->Ivy Tech NMC" to the less-easily-recalled mileage. Thanks to the HanDBase forum, I was directed to a quite useful DB Popup tutorial.

What I did was create a second database, "Tutor_Distance," with four fields and enough records to contain all the locations where I might tutor. I filled the database with destinations and distances confirmed with Google Maps. Here are the second database's fields:

  1. Depart: text field with, for me, mnemonically friendly items
  2. From-To: float field of distances, which I've set to just one decimal
  3. Return: text field for where I leave from
  4. To-From: float field, just like the one above

In my main database file, I set the "Departure" and "Miles To" fields to DB Popups; I did the same with the "Return" and "Miles From" fields. For each DB Popup field, I chose the second database then the corresponding field, for which various settings exist; for example, how many characters from the linked field can be brought in. Then I specified two groups, which are identified in the DB Popup field: 1, for the two fields for going to; 2, the two for coming back.

I have some displays ("Views" in HanDBase parlance) to tweak, but now things are working quite well. If I need a new location, I just add it to the second database, "Tutor_Distance," and it instantly becomes an option for the main database.

The following screenshots might help illustrate what I did and how.

When I choose my "Departure" or "Return" fields in the main database, this is the window I get showing options from the database linked in the DB Popup field property. I set the linked database's text fields to display at 50% each, since I no longer need to see the actual distances.


This is what a DB Popup field property looks like: