Suicide of an Acquaintance

Last night I was very saddened to learn that a young man I knew at IUPUI had killed himself three days prior. He was a few semesters behind me, so I first met him when he was in ECE362, a required course on assembly programming, that I taught with my friend Nathan. He was a hard worker, often coding away in the lab, but he never seemed to get angry about it; the frustration he showed seemed quite minor. Indeed, I had contacted him about coming to work with me after he graduated.

It was a real shock to learn of his suicide.


Friday brought me halfway through this semester, autumn 2015. I have had just two tests to date, both fearsome. The first was three weeks ago, and I have yet to see its scores; the other, three days ago.

The senior design project is coming along. This weekend I must research some hardware options for it.

Work as a lab assistant for the assembly programming course is fine. This is my third section in two terms. While I don't write much assembly as a lab assistant, I do get more exposure to how others think and write it, which is beneficial to me. It has also led me to consider taking ECE 359, "C and Data Structures" in the spring, which uses C as a medium for teaching concepts about the stack, recursive functions, efficiency, and backwards engineering code.

Regardless of how things seem to be going presently, I look forward to the conclusion of the remaining half of the term.


Today  I had my last test of the spring 2015 semester. The term was the most taxing yet.

Grades are slowly coming in, though the deadline for submission is apparently May 12th. For the ECE 208 course, I got an A, but I did poorly on the final, since I had studied 40 hours in preparation for another test and was quite burnt out.

It was with great relief and some surprise that I wound up with an A in ECE 302, probability and probabilistic methods. In fact, my grades came in quite nicely:

  1. Matlab, ENGR 297, at Ivy Tech: A
  2. ECE 302, Probability & Probabilistic Methods, IUPUI: A
  3. ECE 382, Feedback Systems Analysis, IUPUI: A
  4. ECE 302, Electronics Lab, IUPUI: A
  5. ECE 302, Intro Electronics Analysis, IUPUI: A+

IUPUI Summer Ends

Yesterday I completed the final exam for my ordinary differential equations course. The exam was comprehensive and required considering a few problems in slightly unusual ways. Grades should be posted tomorrow, and I feel I will have done rather well. Certainly I hope so!

Scored an A+!

CHEM 105

On Friday, I took the chemistry placement test at IUPUI. The results were not instantaneous, but I did test into CHEM 105, the required chemistry course for engineering students. I had planned to take CHEM 111 at Ivy Tech over the summer but that is now not necessary.

CHEM 105 is offered during the first summer session at IUPUI. However, that session starts during finals week at Ivy Tech. Summer I's last week is the first week of Ivy Tech's summer session. Considering how much chemistry is to be taught in just 6 weeks, two weeks elsewhere at either end of such a short term will probably create much trouble, so I will take CHEM 105 in the fall at IUPUI.

Now I must look at new options for the summer, since I no longer need CHEM 111.