Pokey Lafarge

Last night I went to see Pokey Lafarge perform in Indianapolis. A friend who is an accomplished guitarist prompted me to go. I'm glad he did.

There were perhaps 300 people in the hall, with its carpeted floor, thick columns, and concave ceiling sections with suspended lights. The barricades were unnecessary as the crowd was a tame all-ages one. Pokey said $20 was still plenty to him, that he appreciated us parting with it to see him though he had intended the tickets to cost less.

Interaction with the audience genial and frequent between songs. We got his input on the techno he could not escape during their European tour, reassurance that his merchandise was American-made, and version of the one metal number he knew. The audience included plenty of interesting characters, some of whom danced. For part of the show, a guy who seemed to have just walked off the Allison production line was so into it that he seemed to be channeling Gene Gene the Dancing Machine from The Gong Show.

The night's pairing was curious, too.