The Sewing Shoppe in Westerville OH

 A few days ago I decided to have a button secured on an old shirt of mine, one of nostalgic value. I searched for tailors in the Columbus, Ohio, area and settled on a listing that advertised "asjustments." It turned out to be a store that sells Brother sewing machines, but its proprietor said she had gotten two other requests that same day and thus redirected me to the store to which she directed others.

That store was The Sewing Shoppe, only its address, as given to me, was at 107 S. State. It turns out that address no longer exists, so I called the store wand was directed to the addredd on its business card below.


The owner of The Sewing Shoppe is a delightful energetic woman who immigrated to the US from Vietnam as a girl. 

Since I only needed a single button secured, she did it for free but asked if I would promote her store: certainly.

While there, two other customers came through, and both were clearly pleased with her and her work. In no way could I ask for better service myself: gratis and on the spot! If you need some sewing and are in the Westerville area, do yourself a favour go to The Sewing Shoppe.