Nodal Ninja Panographic Tools

At the end of last month, the lone direct store and supplier of Fanotec products, including Nodal Ninja panoheads, closed in Chandler, Arizona. They sold other companies' products for people interested in virtual reality photography, of panoramas where the viewer rotates the object around self and of objects where the viewer rotates an object. Years ago, the former was a hobby of mine. With their closeout sale, I bought a new Nodal Ninja 6 panohead, but I have yet to shoot anything. I also have a newer digital SLR with much better resolution than my old Rebel XT.

Not too many weeks ago I bought some panorama software updates. There is a re-learning curve, and the loss of Photoshop, since I cannot justify the subscription fees, means a bit of effort to learn enough for a new graphic editor, be it GIMP or something else that can handle layers and masking. Maybe it is time to get a drawing tablet, too.

That I have not shot any panoramas in a long time will soon change, so please stay tuned!

Updating My Site and Its Panoramas

Having recently bought a used Canon 50D with the intention of shooting panoramas again, I have begun updating my old panorama work, trying to relearn various things, and seeking alternatives to applications no longer supported. This includes the looming obsolescence of Adobe Flash by the end of 2020, which was the format I used after Apple killed QuickTime VR support. I never cared for the Java-based options.

Last night I purchased a costly upgrade to Garden Gnome Software's Pano2VR, which I used years ago before engineering studies ate all my free time and energy. Thankfully converting an old *.p2vr project to HTML 5 turns out to be quite simple. However, expecting to be able to add a few more pages to my website built with the long-defunct ShutterBug by XtraLean Software, I was only mildly surprised to find that the program's built-in FTP functionality apparently no longer works. My guess is an OS X update has crippled or blocked it, but I have not yet been able to confirm anything.

Initially I thought a forgotten password was the problem, but Yummy FTP works just fine for connecting to my site. I ended up doing some simple quick edits through it with my text editor BBEdit then a few more edits from my iPad with FTP Client Pro.

My plan is to replace all of my Flash panoramas with HTML 5 ones over the next couple of weeks while doing as little website HTML tweaking as possible, since I need to spend more time messing with C programming. I did pick up a cheap copy of Flux 6, but I haven't even opened it, and they're on at least 7 anyway. There is little benefit to learning HTML for me, so I am happy to keep with a WYSIWYG option.

Chinese Reconciliation  Park, Tacoma, Washington

I drove into Tacoma today while staying with a friend in Bremerton. Towards the end of my visit, I went to a small park that was built to make some me degree of amends for the poor treatment Chinese immigrants to the US suffered in the late 19th century. The park is located near the northern tip of a small peninsula. It was a pleasant place to spend a bit of time. There is a Chinese temple donated by Seattle's sister city of Fuzhou, PRC.

This panorama is a bit misleading, as the water should be the focus. After my two trips to San Carlos, Mexico, this summer, I have an increased interest in bays.

I enjoyed the small conservatory in Tacoma and the once-dazzling downtown under renovation. There are some impressive buildings that stand on the steep staggered slope down into the water.

WorldWide Panorama: Best of 2013

It has been a few years since I participated in a WorldWide Panorama event, but I will have an entry for the end of the year: the fort at Al Falaij, Oman.

I like the panorama for its content and memories, but also for it being perhaps the first WWP entry ever for Oman.

That said, it was my penultimate panorama. Not long after I took it, my tripod broke and the lens cap fell off my Peleng fisheye, scratching through its anti-glare coating, thus rendering it almost useless.