Five Weeks In

My fall term got off to a poor start, because I caught the ague or some other horrible ailment that set me behind by two weeks. As a result, I dropped one course to salvage the other two.

Our first test in the fearsome ECE440 was this Wednesday. I out in two pretty solid days of study solely for the test. Apparently test averages are often in the 30~40% range, so I expect to get hammered. That said, when I left, I thought a 65 might be possible.

As times passes, however, I become more pessimistic. There are nearly 50 students in the class, so it will surely take a long time to return the tests.

Midway through Midterms

This morning I sat the third test in my electromagnetism course. It seemed to go well, despite being just three problems. The last one involved solving Laplace's equation for capacitors in reference to single variables. it involved integrating with respect to rho (ρ) and phi (φ), which I think I nailed.

The afternoon test was for 362. It began with a reminder that it is typically the most difficult test of the course; a curve will be applied. It was indeed difficult in how it required a sound understanding of the stack as well as writing 3 snippets of code on paper, cold.

Tomorrow will be my second signals and systems test. I look forward to completing that test, too.