Remy on CNN

After returning to the US in 2011, I decided to pay for cable TV. After a few years of it, however, I dumped it because it was:

  1. a needless time-waster for an engineering student
  2. expensive for a college student not in a dorm
  3. a ton of worthless channels out of which I typically watched just 3 or 4.

Initially I thought it would be interesting to have live news, like CNN, except what CNN deems to be news is tripe, aptly skewered below.

Tezla - "8 Bit Power"

The other day while listening to a streaming trance station, which I find conducive to linear algebra, I heard this song. I can visualize every bleep and other sound from Super Mario Brothers, which plenty of friends and relatives played. Anyway, it is a choice ditty.

Junked over Ads

Over time I have gotten heartily sick of ads. As a student, I have no money to waste on the products; most would have no appeal even were I earning a good income. Ads were a good reason why I scrapped cable TV, although its high cost for 220 channels of tripe that was a worthless distraction from my studies played a greater role.

Today I deleted a second or third iOS app because of the obnoxious ads. They are annoying when the play in a small part of the screen, as with The Weather Channel's app, for which I would pay to end the ads. But apps that require a user to sit through a stupid TV ad before the app can be used are too much.

The ads that increasingly are required to watch things on YouTube have had the effect of my immediately quitting a YouTube video that opens with an ad. The constant ad assault seems to be an American thing: I do not recall ever being forced to sit through even a second of an ad when viewing YouTube content in Japan.

Up/Down Timer Circuit Video

Here's a short movie of the timer circuit that I designed in Altera® Quartus 9.1 Web Edition. I downloaded it to the Altera USB Blaster FPGA (with a Cyclone II chip) to demonstrate it for my class. The video was shot with my iPod, so it is not very smooth.

It took me some time to edit and format the video: I had never before used iMovie or uploaded anything to YouTube. The current guidelines YouTube provides for exporting content from iMovie are clear.

It took too long for the initial iMovie-export QuickTime version to load, so I chucked it.